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With over 10 years of teaching experience both on and off the ice, Jeremy and his team bring a new meaning to skill development. Our coaches are dedicated to helping each player excel, ensuring that they gain not just hockey skills but also life lessons in teamwork and perseverance.

Learn more about our weekly training or hockey camps and see how we can help your child reach their full potential. We understand the trust you place in us and are dedicated to honouring that with every drill, game, and high-five.


XCEL Hockey caters to a range of training needs with diverse programs. Our Weekly Classes focus on regular skill development, ideal for progressive learning. Elite Skates, aimed at AA/AAA players, provide specialized, intensive training in the summer months. We also feature Team Training, designed to boost team dynamics and strategic play, enhancing group performance on the ice. Each program is tailored to nurture every aspect of a young athlete’s hockey journey.

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Weekly Classes

Weekly Classes

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Elite Skates

Elite Skates

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Team Training

Team Training


Our camps make an impact on player development. With multiple hours of ice training, we can take the time to ensure many successful repetitions of our fundamental, game application and hockey IQ drills. We focus on daily themes such as crossovers and zone entries, transitions and gap control, stride and scoring, as well as many others. Spending 2-4 hours on ice in one day gives players a chance to develop these themes and take new skills and confidence into their next game.
Winter Break

Winter Break

Our Winter Camp gives players a chance to enhance every part of their game, including speed, edge work, passing, shooting, agility, balance, and overall hockey intelligence. The camp focuses on both individual and team skills, using small area games to reinforce learning.

March Break

March Break

Experience a complete skill upgrade with our March Break Camp. Players can boost their abilities in areas like speed, edge work, precise passing, accurate shooting, agility, balance, and strategic hockey thinking. This camp is designed to concentrate on personal skill enhancement as well as teamwork, employing small area games to solidify these new abilities

Summer Break

Summer Break

Each day of camp will include 4 hours of on-ice training, 1 hour off-ice training, and 1 hour of outdoor sports.  A perfect formula to get back in game shape and be ready to XCEL for the start of hockey season. Our off ice training will alternate between focusing on foot speed, agility and basic strength training to recovery, stretching and breathing techniques each day.


Our THREE Essential Hockey Skills

The game is faster than ever, with so many areas to develop as a young hockey player. These are skills we believe will make a difference in a player’s game.

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Our instructors bring the knowledge, experience and most importantly passion when teaching all of hockey’s fundamentals. Our program develops edge work, transitions, acceleration, top end speed, puck control, passing and shooting.

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Our program features competitive drills designed for players to process game situations and decision making. When the players processing speed and fundamentals are put to the test, we have our #XcelYourGame moment!

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Every session will feature drills teaching players when and where to use their fundamental skills. This gives more repetitions of the skill theme while training to score, puck protect, create offence, defend and control gaps.

Our Mission

With a wide range of training and practice programs, our mission at XCEL is to offer hockey players the platform and opportunity to develop and improve on all aspects of the game. Hockey is more than a sport – it allows young boys and girls to learn concrete, tangible skills while building confidence in themselves. Taking passion into action, XCEL Hockey Development was formed to bring a team of experienced trainers together with the next generation of hockey leaders and athletes alike.